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Solar power

Solar energy is a nondispatchable energy technology that only capture energy in sunlight during daylight. Photovoltaic systems (PV system) uses a solar panel to convert sunlight into electricity. Photovoltaic have been able to provide practical solutions to many power supply problems in both residential and commercial applications.Some type of energy storage is needed to be put in place to make the energy available when there is no sunlight. Storage energy are usually electrochemical energy storage such as batteries. But energy also can be stored in the form of hydrogen, thermal mass, compressed air or pumped hydro storage. Many types of batteries and charge controllers can be used alone with photovoltaic systems to produce energy when sun is not available.

Why go solar

The history of solar energy power (photovoltaic solar power) has started with scientific experimentation since the 1800s. The first set of PV silicon that is capable of converting the sunlight energy into power, and run on electrical equipment was launched in 1954, and capable of producing up to 21 megawatts globally in the year 1983. As at now, has reach up to 47.1 gigawatt’s power production installed worldwide. Since it’s a proven technology, and also alternating source of clean energy. So it’s safe to use.

Many people don’t believe that a solar power work in a colder climate. Meanwhile, it does even in more effective way because it’s proven that excessive sunlight can reduce the output voltage of a solar system. The model panels does not really need more hours of direct sunlight exposure to generate more electric,now quite efficient that can still generate enough energy in low light situations. Hence, the different between normal and low light environment installation is that, it will requires larger solar array in low light environment to have the same results as normal light situation. Solar system will work anywhere there is daylight.

The price of a solar system is depreciating greatly. The price has dropped significantly since past few years and continue to decline. It’s becoming more popular than even because variety of financial incentives available, such as state policies and tax rebates, that makes it more affordable for homes and businesses going solar. These are also variety of solar financing options. Contact our service to see our financing options.

Solar panel tends to last long and can withstand any harsh weather conditions if properly installed with equipment of good quality and long durability. Solar system can even be use for long period of time if properly manage.

Why choose us?

At Singapore solar service, we are dedicated to provide our customer an affordable solar system with full system warranty (not just the panels). No need to wonder which company you can depend on. We have got you back for 25 years that includes labor, performance, parts etc.

Our service offers the most efficient and best performance solar panels available in the market. Since more power means you have more savings and fewer panel of your property. Our certified installation team are selected and well trained to help ensure every necessary measure is taken to make your installation goes smoothly and provide our customer a smart solar system.

Financing home or business? Should not be that complicated, that’s why our company have variety of flexible payment options (cash, least or load) to ensure our customer have access to easy and convenient payment that is best for them.

Installation layout

  • Sloped roof systems with more support and solar stanchion options for tile, metal or any sloping roof.
  • Complete solar system construction for all type of flat roof like corrugated steel, concrete, ballasted solar and other.
  • Robust ground-mounted solar system installation with use of materials like stainless steel and aluminium components for stability and corrosion resistance.
  • Construction of carport mount solar system for commercial solar system.

Solar Panels

  • LG
  • REC
  • Trina
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